Friday, March 29, 2013

My First Post: [VIDEO] The Reason Why TVXQ Is The Best Kpop Artist

Made by: Yi Mao Production
English trans by: GreenneX3 & Vislyn
Sub by: Nikkiyang

upload credit (on facebook): Ivan Arch Jaejoong Penuela

Since first and foremost, I am a Cassiopeia who supports them, whether as 5, as 3 or as 2, I decided to make my first post related to just that.

I became a Cassie during post-lawsuit so I never really had the chance to see them back when they were still performing as 5, except on uploaded videos on the internet, DVDs (I've bought some of them, especially their concert DVDs).

I rememember watching this video about four months after I decided to become a Cassie who would support both groups. I got overwhelmed and felt goosebumps while I watched this less than 5-minute video. If I remembered it right, I cried after watching the video because my heart could help what it was feeling. I wasn't sure if I was sad that I wasn't able to witness their glory as 5 or because I was overwhelmingly proud of their achievements and how they have stayed humble despite their success.

One thing's for sure. I don't know whether they'll ever come back as 5 but I'm willing to keep waiting. Always keep the faith.

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